6 Weeks Live with Katrina Ruth to Find & Clarify Your Purpose, and Then Unleash it Like a Flow-Led Bat Outta Hell at the World
This course is free within my Screw the Rules Mastermind!

Gorgeous one - 

I'm doing a thing.

You KNOW how it is when I do a thing. I mean, sure ...

I've done some things of late. I am ALWAYS doing things! But this, this kind of thing?

Hoooomama. Not in a while. Not like this.

It is an unleashing.

It is an unfurling.

It is a what-the-fuck-REALLY?!

It is purpose, passion, flow and ALL the fuck yes rolled into one.

Oh, and?

It is 6 weeks live with me. Weekly live + all new trainings. Weekly live coaching sessions. FB group. Content to keep for life. OG add ons and extras.

Purpose Passion Flow?

It’s always been what it’s about for me. These words. They have a rhythm. They sink DEEP into my soul, and feel.so.right. Probably because they came from there in the first place.

For me, everything I’ve taught and built for 17 years now online, and hundreds upon hundreds of courses successfully sent out into the world, has all been hinged on saying yes to my PURPOSE, to what my PASSION is, and to knowing that it gets.to.flow.

More than that … everything I have built in my LIFE, inside and out, and in the now pretty damn WOW (if I do say so!) portfolio of business and investments … 

has been a follow on of saying yes to purpose. Passion. Flow. ME.

For as long as I can remember, since I was a little girl in fact, all I wanted to do was to see other driven and high-performing humans say yes to what is inside of THEM. And? I wanted to be the one inspiring empowering activating and REMINDING them to do so.

Purpose Passion Flow? It’s a way of life. It’s a remembering. It’s a FINALLY giving in to what is inside of you, and KNOWING that every.damn.BIT of your life gets to come form that place of YOU truth, and that if you want real results, now? Indeed it must.

Purpose Passion Flow, the course, is also one of my OG 2015 SIGNATURE courses. Foundational Katrina Ruth content! And it’s one which near everyone who has gone through has emailed or messaged me some version of ‘holy shit Kat. EVERYBODY should have to do this’.

Yes. They should.

Purpose Passion Flow, the NOW version?

I’m creating this course all new with YOU, and running it LIVE over 6 weeks together. Weekly live trainings. Weekly live coaching sessions. OG Kat vibes live FB group with yours truly live in there, and my Rebel Millionaire coaching team to add extra vibe. Bonuses + extras. Speaking of which - 

All OG Purpose Passion Flow 2015 content included. As if I would leave that out!!

Ready to kick that pretty butt of yours right to where it's meant to be?

This is the work that works.

This course is free within my Screw the Rules Mastermind!

Here is What We Are Doing in this New Live Course

We will begin hot off the press on Monday September 12, with the live Facebook group open immediately! Yes, you can come hang with me as soon as you join!

You will also receive immediate full access to the OG 2015 Purpose Passion Flow course in full. Yeah!

Here is what this new live work with me is about:

The long and short of it is that I want to work with you live to inspire, motivate, educate and empower the fuck out of you to say yes to ALL of who you came here to be, and to see that immediately actioned in your business, money, SOUL work, life, and indeed every part of you being you.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Finding and clarifying your purpose
  • ​Understand what being purpose led and knowing / having one even means!
  • ​Values and core alignment, and creating your life intentionally from the RIGHT place for you
  • ​Connecting in to your true body of work, and what you are really here to do
  • ​Backing yourself to fully BE yourself
  • ​Finding a way of working and doing business that is a TRUE exhale
  • ​Riding the flow wave of being you
  • ​Commitment to your TRUEST truth no matter what
  • ​Understanding how to truly appoint yourself as the leader / messenger / creator / entrepreneur / YOU who you are here to be, and how to create immediate change in your business and money situation as a result of that
  • ​Straight down the line truths + practicalities of making money from a place of purpose, passion, and flow
  • ​Monetising your ‘crazy’ and your truth
  • ​What it really takes to immediately flick the switch and be fully you
  • ​Developing a practice of being that creates automated success and flow, in all areas
  • ​Shedding and shredding the parts, beliefs, actions which no longer serve you
  • ​Being the person who says yes on repeat in all areas no matter what, and who creates non-stop elevation in all areas from that place!

OH, and we’ll be having a DAMN good time doing all of this, plus we’ll be rolling with whatever additional teaching comes through me to share with you!

You’ll also receive my new-being-created-right-now bonus Money Principles for Soul-Led Entrepreneurs Video and Workbook, which I have written up over the weekend and am filming this week. This includes my personal rundown of exactly the process I use every time I want to elevate money flow further and go deeper into me!

What to Expect As a Result of Joining Me in Purpose Passion Flow

Put simply:

  • You will finally know you’re going all in on you.
  • ​You will be energised and activated beyond what you’ve felt in years (maybe ever).
  • ​You will be filled and fuelled with certainty, confidence, the energy of KNOWING.
  • ​You will be certain about your purpose work, and what you are here to do.
  • ​You will understand how to access flow, and knowledge and wisdom and creativity beyond just YOU, on command.
  • ​You will know how to live FROM passion and truth in all that you do.
  • ​You will have crystal clear confidence about how to make more money and build your business by doing the work you came here to do (and you will have taken action on this as part of the course!)
  • ​You will see every area of your life, from business and money, to health, relationships, lifestyle, and most of all how you feel about YOU, just shift and rise
  • ​You will have cleared released and let go of things you no longer need
  • ​You will be being who you were born to be, and on fucking fire in a way beyond your wildest dreams!


Why Me, Why Now, Why You, Why this Work?

I’ve spent 17 years online coaching, mentoring, guiding, and unleashing what is IN me at driven high level entrepreneurs and creators like you. I have personally created over 20 million $ received in my coaching business, now have 6 businesses and brands which are all crazy successful, including this one, and have mentored hundreds (personally), thousands (in my groups), and hundreds of thousands to millions (through my content) to live the life of their dreams.

If you were born to do big things, make a fuckload of money, and live your dream in all areas … I know how to get you there. It’s what I was born to do. What I myself live in EVERY area of my life. What I have honed myself towards not just in the 17 years online, but in years prior to that.

And now I would love to help you.

It’s time to say yes gorgeous.

To purpose.

To passion.

To flow.

And most of all?


Remember - 

Life is Now. Press Play.


This course is free within my Screw the Rules Mastermind!

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