The SCREW THE RULES Mastermind!

^ I am triggered at myself already for mentioning ‘low cost’ in the same line as mastermind, and in the first line, no less! But then again it is called ‘Screw the Rules’ 🙂 … and then AGAIN, again, I remind myself of this:

I’m always amazed and fascinated when I see somebody who is famous, has a huge following, is a certified badass extraordinaire (because I said so!), who I look up to, revere, even, saying something like …

Email me here if you have a question’. I don’t mean in an automated marketing way. I mean, when you can tell they actually mean they will personally reply on email. I always feel like – “wow! How can SUCH a person be so accessible! That’s so cool!”

And then I remember –

The people who are the most wildly successful, TRULY aspirational, because they are so clearly living with intention, truth, purpose, and by following their own internal fire …

are just doing what comes natural to them. In the way they feel to do it. Screw the rules.

They are not concerned about things like:
  • Pricing right for the industry
  • ​Having any particular look or feel or properness to their business or brand
  • ​Being matchy matchy unless that is genuinely how they do life (and some people do this SO well!)
  • ​Being at all polished or professional
  • ​What marketing or sales or launching is supposed to look like
  • ​Whether a ‘high level person’ would really … whatever (be so accessible or available, do it like that, say that, behave like that, etc)
  • ​They are really not concerned with anything, because what they are concerning themselves WITH –
is simply showing up, doing the work they are here to do, and then communicating or conversing or connecting in the way that feels good for them!

If you think about it, the idea of having to price a certain way … package or pretty things up in a certain way … restrain or restrict access to you in a certain way … present yourself as successful or luxurious or proper enough in a certain way …

is very lack based. Because EITHER –

being hard to access
never dipping below certain price points in your offerings
having your branding ‘just so’
representing obvious or ‘socially approved’ markers of wealth and success

is a TRUE reflection of you and how you do life OFF camera –

or it is you operating OUT of your own trust and flow, because somewhere along the way you decided that that is how you need to look. Act. Behave. Be.

As I said. Very very lack based. NOT about trust. NOT about flow. NOT about you.

Here is what is about you:

Business gets to be on your terms.
LIFE gets to be on your terms.
How money comes in gets to be on your terms.
YOU get to do things – on your terms!

It gets to and MUST – feel | look | smell | taste | sound – like you!
Here is what the Screw the Rules Mastermind is about:
You and me. And a bunch of fellow like-minded badass WILL DO IT FROM SOUL OR NOT AT ALL humans. Joining together to raise the mofo vibe of TRUE soul-led entrepreneurship as a whole, starting first and foremost with YOU going all in to create the business, money, and LIFE that is there for YOU.
  • No rules
  • ​No proper-making
  • ​No ‘this is how marketing or sales should look’
  • ​No ‘this is what I know I have to do’ (*insert heavy sad sigh*)
  • ​No ‘once I —- do things that prove my worth or enoughness —- then I can —– do or be what I really want and what would light me on FIRE —-‘
Just simple.straight up.activating what is IN you,

in order to unapologetically claim MASSIVE money results. MASSIVE impact and legacy. CONTINUAL flow of EXACTLY the clients and customers you want, exactly the kind of audience you want. The badasses you long to be surrounded by. COMMUNITY in exactly the way it would be SO freakin’ fun for you, and just RIGHT for you.

And all of it centred around you simply doing the work you came here to do,

selling it the way that feels good for you and also WORKS,

having multiple streams of income at ALL times, because you have put things in place to ensure people continually are paying you both behind the scenes and also with whatever you FEEL like doing ‘live’ or ‘in the moment

having AUTOMATED income systems that feel SO good for you, and were fun and easy to set up

having PRECISELY the right support, in the way you wish it could be. JUST the right amount, doing JUST what is actually needed to be done to support you so you can be more you

being connected CONTINUALLY to fun. Flow. Your own inner knowingness. And an absolute assuredness that you are doing what you are meant to be doing, being who and what you are meant to be being.

ALWAYS receiving | knowing | seeing | having the ideas for new things or new angles, exactly when needed
Knowing precisely what to do with those ideas, how to bring ’em to life and get the MAXIMUM fuck yes 

result from doing so

Soul satisfaction and certainty on POINT

Having continual FUN, adventure, and just a PLAIN GOOD FUCKING TIME with it all

Making incredible friends who light and lift you!

And having direct access to your mentor and coach, me!

PLUS any extras | tools | tech help | marketing or automation help| systems help, training and support, ETC, that you need, right there at your fingertips!

Does this sound like something it’s ABOUT FUCKING TIME FOR?

The Screw the Rules Mastermind is, quite simply, the place where you come in to MY space, to DO this thing of growing the business, brand, empire, or body of YOU work, that you actually came here for, in a way that is fun, exciting and ONLY yes for you, which is also the easiest and most obvious WAY for you, and all to create MAXIMUM money and impact results with MAXIMUM – aka full! – saying yes to you as the foundation!

Surrounded by absolute certified and laminated badassery and with the Queen of Asskickery herself – me – to support, guide, take you by the hand, or straight up kick your ass as your coach!

The Screw the Rules Mastermind is an ALL in, living, breathing, hot as FIRE, and will.daily.activate TF outta you (plus show you cool AS fuck ways to make money, impact, and SOUL art or let it outta you), place of BADASSERY –

where you come into my space of ASSKICKERY (see what I did there hehe) –

to completely.revolutionise.your life.

The intention and creation of this space is 12 months,

however yearly / and payment plan options are available!


everything it took me the first 10+ years or so to figure out, imparted straight into your psyche in a year … a download from me to you, which just continues and expands as we journey together aka: ride that bitch like a bat outta hell, all while having the best time EVA, and all the monies and fun!
How we will do this:
Fully engaged mastermind (24/7 access and yours truly RIGHT up in that thing with you for live day to day conversation, fun, adventure, chit-chat, support, and general shenanigans)

The MOST interactive, supportive, badass, and inspiring / energising community online (just what I attract and create!)

Friendships and biz affiliations and the like to last for life

MONTHLY brand new masterclass where I channel exactly what is true right NOW for you, around business | money | being YOU | life

Hotseat and live conversation, coaching, and hang out times

And! The coolest thing ever included in ANY sort of low cost mastermind!

A direct personal DM chat with me once a month about a topic most pressing for you, or where you most need an activation, download, or ass-whuppin’, and that you want to bring to me privately rather than in the mastermind. So cool! And so FUN, for me!!
It Just Gets Better! Introducing Your Screw the Rules Modulated Curriculum + $10,000 Bonus Gift!
Story time. 

When I had the initial download for Screw the Rules (before I knew the name!) it was around creating a membership to support you to journey through my two high level coaching curriculums, each of which is a full 12 months of structured, deep dive, modulated, and highly detailed, and each of which is a $19,999 coaching program.

These programs are my Rich Chick Coaching Foundations,

and my Business Basics and Mindset of a Rich Chick.

My thinking was simple: I want to work with you to understand, implement, activate, apply, and become every different element of a wildly successful and soul-led business / human! And these curriculums were designed in their individual ways to do just that. Not a stone left unturned!

So it made sense, right? Month by month, and week by week, and with daily support and structure, we can work through everything you need to know, and I can teach you exactly how to implement it all to fully build the business and life you’re here for, no matter where you’re starting from!

Here’s what did not make sense:

I just couldn’t imagine *studiously and methodically* working through things with you in that way. So structured! What if I wanted to teach on something completely different that week? What if I felt it was needed?! What if you wanted to jump ahead to something I had designated as month 6, because you needed it now? Augh!

Thing is, for years I told myself “one day I will create structured curriculums which truly cover everything, so that my peeps can systematically work through and learn, well, everything! Implementing as they go on the practical and the mindset / identity!”

And, I DID that. 

But, turns out - it’s not how I wanna teach.

So I’m giving it all to you in FULL.

And then? Showing up for our monthly | weekly | daily flow and soul-led creatin’ as we go!

Meaning - you receive TOTAL access to Rich Chick Foundations (12 months, $19,999 curriculum!),

And TOTAL access to Business Basics & Mindset of a Rich Chick (12 months, $19,999 curriculum!),

oh, and I am throwing in my entire 164+ video / audio / PDF workbook filled resource library as a free gift for you! Valued at $10,000, this resource library is chock-full of GOLD trainings and teachings, and is the most well organized, collated, categorized and searchable thing out there! Meaning you can dive in anytime and find exactly what you’re feeling you want to learn about!

Can it Really Be this Good? All This PLUS Live Trainings, Q&As, Access to Me, and More?!

Yep! It really can be. Your Screw the Rules structured curriculums are on top of everything that you’re already receiving as a Screw the Rules badass!  

And as for why I am including SO much value, at not even 10% of what it could be, rather than selling these curriculums at 20k each as designed … 

It’s simple: 

I am here to support you and to give you what I know I’m being shown to. What I know will HELP you. Shift you. And ultimately? Free you back to being you. . I know how life changing this content and training systems are and how impactful it is to offer this in a structured way in addition to our free-flowing work.

My mission is simple:

I want to help bring to life everything you desire and see within you, to help you create your epic business and life, on your terms! Sometimes for this to happen it means taking things step by step in a guided way - which is why I added the Screw The Rules Structured Curriculum in addition to the mastermind. This is an option you will have at your fingertips and on demand anytime you need it! 
There is NOTHING you won’t be able to get an answer or an activation on!
Here’s a little more about these incredible curriculums! 
When it comes to understanding how to create epic results and success in both your business and life there are foundational principles and concepts I believe every entrepreneur – no matter where you are on your business journey, should understand and feel confident about.

The Rich Chick Coaching Foundations is the advanced mindset and strategy of being wildly successful online, modulated month by month for 12 months with 12 incredibly deep dive areas each of which took me years to understand, and is built around me teaching you the absolute musts in each area.

This 12-month curriculum takes you weekly (with a monthly focus) through everything you need to know to simply BE that person, in business, with money, with life – yours automatically as the badass leader, messenger and creator that you are. The Rich Chick Coaching Foundations offers incredible support and a clear pathway to follow as you build and grow your dream business and life!

Month One: Where Money Comes From

There are solid principles of where money comes from, which, as I'm sure I don't have to tell you, FAR transcend simply ideas of 'what you need to sell or how to sell it in order to get paid'.

Month Two: The Needle Movers of a Soul-Led Biz

Exactly as it says. There are SO many things to consider ... maybe!! ... when it comes to creating business from soul. For myself and my clients it is and ever becomes an effortless 'knowing'. This month is about identifying what the TRUE needle movers are for you, and to activate that part of you who shows up for 'em!

Month Three: Unveiling Your Message and Soul Work

YOWEEE, this is so good, SO fun, and let's be honest, so freakin' needed to dive ALL the way into! ​This month we sort out any and all would-be blocks and get you ALL the way into unapologetic FULL yes and flow around exactly what you're here to share with the world, and exactly how to share it.

Month Four: Success Mindset, and Becoming the Leader Now

Let's be honest: success is not about what you do, it's who you ARE, who you choose to BE, and even more than that? What you choose, decide, expect, and ALLOW. Regardless of your own fears, doubts, uncertainties. There is so much powerful work for us to dive into together this during this month!

Month Five: Product and Offer Creation

Everything you need to know, understand, and implement relevant to packaging and monetizing TF outta what's in you. Includes ENDLESS templates, examples, case studies you can 'make your own', PLUS the mindset side of getting out of your own way and simply showing up for the successful packaging and monetization of your work!

Month Six: Daily | Weekly | Monthly Hustle Flow

This is less about productivity and 'what to do' ... (even though it is that), and more about how to always be in the ebb and flow of what IS. How to instinctively know the moves to make. How to hold tension until the moment you are MEANT to release it, and act. How to get the MAXIMUM return with only the PERFECT input of effort, time and focus. And also how to consistently move forward on the things that get to make up your daily flow, whilst also letting the bigger picture things come to life.
​Basically, how to be the person whilst feeling as though every single day is just flow and ease!

Month Seven: Selling Through Being

Sales is something you GET to back yourself in doing, with full badassery and ownership of OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BUY AND HERE'S WHY, but also? It's something that gets to just become part of you. You get to sell like an absolute soul led sales QUEEN, and? You get to do so without really feeling like you're doing much at all except for flowing in the beautiful dance of being YOU.

Month Eight: Launch Secrets Revealed

My best. ALL my best. ​Plus every single in and out. Down to the DOT point. Multi 8-figures created online launch secrets, strategies, hacks, and most of all effortless FLOW.
The strategy / structure side of things ​AND of course the inner game / being the person side of things. PLUS case studies, examples, templates of every different part of launching you can think of.
All based on the HUNDREDS of launches big and small I have personally run over the years, plus the best of what I have seen my highest earning from soul clients achieve through our work together!
​And that's just for starters!

Month Nine: Automated Income

One of my all time favourite things about making the monies online, and having this here EPIC soul flow business where I get to let what's in me out, make an impact AND get paid?? Is that the getting paid bit doesn't depend on my daily, or even weekly, or even at ALL, 'having' to show up. Let me teach you how! 

Month Ten: LEVERAGING Your Assets

Continuing on from our focus on automation, this month I'll be getting into the nitty gritty of a fully leveraged business and YOU, in a multitude of ways!
Leverage your money flow ever more, your messaging and content, your sales and marketing, your social media so that it works FOR you.. basically any and all things that you feel SHOULD work for you. Because if you feel it? You're feeling something you're being shown. And what you are shown is real. So let's make it so!

Month Eleven: Principles of Receiving

Maybe my favouritest and the bestest one yet. We will play in the space where everything you dream of and desire already exists, and I'll show you precisely how to snap it from 'there', from being the stuff of your dreams and one day fantasies into, well, being where it damn well should be. ​Here! We'll talk what it really takes to fully open the portals of receiving in all the ways you desire to and know you SHOULD. The even better bestest bit? This stuff is SO freaking fun!

Month Twelve: Advanced Wealth Creation

Where else would we finish our RICH CHICK FOUNDATIONS except with Advanced Wealth Creation strategies to help you get even MORE out of what you're creating, and to ensure that this incredible work coming out of you is gettin' out into the world in the exact expansive way it should be?!
​This month we will not only be feeling into how it gets to look when you truly expect continual money growth and TRUE wealth creation (financial and otherwise), and when you create from that expectation. We will also be looking at some of my favourite practices and choices around building wealth beyond just your business!

My Business Basics and Mindset of a Rich Chick focuses specifically on the mindset side of things for both business and life and - 

Build from the ground up!

I’ve mapped out and created structured trainings for you on literally everything you need to know on business basics, mindset, growing from ANY stage, and putting everything you need in place no matter where you’re at and what your business is about! I’ve got you covered! 

We’re talking everything from big picture visioning and dream life creation, to daily money makin’, launch and offer creation (and everything leading up to that), next leveling your outcomes, filling in gaps on money automation and areas where things may have been left undone while you were figuring out how to do this thing, and so much more!

I have specifically designed these to help you build, design and create your empire from the ground up AND to go back and create greater automation and flow if you’re already well underway. My Business Basics and Mindset of a Rich Chick is about bringing to life the inner game side of things so you can take your business and life to the next level!

Business Basics and Mindset of a Rich Chick is the 'down on the ground' what to do and how to do it side of things. This is your ‘on-demand, dive in and find exactly what you need anytime’ curriculum, and the best bit is that with both this and Rich Chick Coaching FoundationsI am opening it ALL up for you from when you join!

Now for the BONUS! 
I’m giving away My entire Soul-Led Millionaire resource library covering every possible behind the scenes and extra thing you might want or need to dive into! 

A searchable library of HUNDREDS of videos, worksheets, trainings, audios, tools, covering literally every possible thing you could want or need to know how to do, or desire to integrate and know. 

I’ve left nothing out! All yours automatically on joining The Screw The Rules Mastermind!

Netflix? It’s got nothin’ on being in Screw the Rules with Kat! 

How to Join!

I will run you through a few more details, plus cost, and find out personally with you exactly how I and the Screw the Rules Mastermind can help you MOST right now. 

Get excited baby because this? Is motherfucking it!

The Screw the Rules Mastermind is a low cost mastermind, and not remotely priced at private client levels! If you desire private coaching and support right now, which is a WHOLE ‘nother of right up in your innards 1:1 kettle of fish, please ask. The Screw the Rules Mastermind includes crazy levels of access to me for a low cost mastermind, because frankly that is just what I do when I do me best … and I freakin’ LOVE being right IN it with my community and am not happy when I am NOT.

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