Are you:
  • Sick of holding yourself back because you don't own your true value and worth, are not grounded in your inherent 'enougness' and find yourself continually questioning whether or not you ACTUALLY deserve the things you dream about?
  • Continually choosing your not ACTUAL soul yes choices in business money or life because you just can't seem to anchor in what your heart truly desires and dreams of?
  • Constantly promising yourself you're going to finally go all in ON your all ins but then just ... not
  • ​Already successful in so many ways, the one who everyone thinks has it ALL going on, yet quietly trapped in analysis about all the things you haven't yet created and think that you SHOULD?
  • Ready to be about damn done with not simply operating from a place of FULLY owning who and what you are, and not only what you 'get to have' but also the true gift you're here to be to others and the world?
  • Fully aware that if you could just drop into a deeper level of faith and trust you absolutely could see your entire business, money and life reality shapeshift like WOAH this year?
  • ​Bubbly excited as I am about the idea of spending 10 days together truly grounding in to the epic and incredible awesome that is you just being YOU, and finally choosing all that THAT badass gets to be, do, and have?!
I'm creating my new free 10-day Own Your Value & Worth Challenge for YOU. And for all the incredible entrepreneurs creators and HUMANS out there who know that it's time to finally be done with blocks to receiving and being ALL of it. Who are excited to nail down some seriously next level choices and then supernaturally energetically AND physically!
This LIVE challenge has begun! But you can still join us if you hurry and enjoy -

Live zooms
 (with replays)

Audio content

Audio content

Written worksheets + guided journaling

And all of it yours to keep for life afterwards!
Check Out A Quick Clip From Day 1 
I'm running this with the same intent and value I'd put in if I were charging hundreds for it as I might any of my 10-day courses, yet doing so completely free simply because that is how it was shown to me.

Ready to change the whole freaking game, but FULLY?
Then join me! In the Own Your Value & Worth Challenge. And let's DO this thing. The thing of saying yes to all of you. THE WAY IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
About Katrina Ruth
I’m KATRINA RUTH. I’m a self-made multi-millionaire, and I work with successful badasses like YOU, who kick their OWN ass … and then I kick it a little bit harder.

I’ve built a multiple -figure online coaching brand (starting from back in 2006 before anybody even knew online marketing was a thing!), and I’ve launched hundreds of programs and products online. Many successfully. Some not!

I’ve also been blessed for years now to be private counsel, mentor and guide some of the most incredible and true ‘1% within the 1%’ men and women in both the online world, but also CEOs, creators, founders, and leaders in traditional business. Those who truly change the game for the game-changers!
Over the past 5-6 years in particular, after I ‘stabilised’ at the time with my new purpose-driven multi-millionaire life, I’ve used my own learnings and teachings to truly choose my hell yes life in all areas. A continuation and extreme deepening of what it’s always been about for me, which has ultimately led to not only the deepest connectedness in this business, but also to creating true wealth in investments, property, and additional businesses and brands. 

At the time of writing this I have 6 wildly successful business and brands I fully or partially own, the smallest of which is a multiple 6-figure brand, and the largest of which has a market cap of 1.5 billion! The Rebel Millionaire Coaching Institute is where the bulk of my body of work in the coaching business now sings and shines. I’ve created and continue to create all of my business and creative moves by being ever more true to me, and knowing I truly can have it all in every area of not only business and money, but also my relationships, my family, my lifestyle and adventure, my spiritual life, my connectedness to the supernatural - in everything!

It’s safe to say that the work of saying yes to being all of you works.

At the end of the day - 

You do NOT have to be anything other than who and what you already are to create all of this. Other than just that part of you who you’ve not yet dared to own, hmmm?! But you sure as shit don’t need to be polished, prepared, perfect. I’m still not! And never will be. What you do need to be is this:

Ready to fucking claim it. To recognise that yeah, the hardest work in the world is to march into our dreams without looking back, and to choose to be the version of us we know we’re meant for, every damn day, with zero availability for anything except seeing it ALL come to life.
Then join me! In my FREE 10-Day Own Your Value & Worth Challenge. And let's DO this thing. 

The thing of saying yes to all of you. THE WAY IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
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